Corolle – Marin

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Full speed ahead, little sailors! Corolle’s Bath Baby – Sailor adores water play!

This little doll is the perfect bath companion that helps children gently familiarize themselves with various aquatic environments: in the bathtub (soapy water), at the pool (chlorinated water), and at the beach (saltwater).

The sewn attachment on its back allows it to be hung up to dry after bath time and water play.

It measures 30 cm, a perfectly sized doll for little arms and hands to handle.

Its flexible body allows it to take the same positions as a real baby. Its face, arms, and legs have a delicate vanilla scent and are made of soft-touch vinyl. With its sleeping eyes, it closes them when laid on its back. It has a diverse collection of clothes and accessories in the “My First Corolle Doll” range for first-time doll nurturing.

Cannot take a pacifier.

Doll size: 30 cm.

Recommended for ages 18 months and up.