• Clek 2016 Fllo

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    What’s the Fllo?

    Clek’s compact convertible car seat

    With a best-in-class narrow width under 17 inches at its widest, Fllo’s compact design makes for easy installation and the capability to fit 3 across. This design sits lower in your vehicle for improved visibility and includes an integrated flip foot for rear facing installation. The anti-rebound bar nests into the flat part of the vehicle seat ensuring a snug installation with ease. With a variety of different style and colour options, Fllo can match your child’s personality, or your car’s interior.
    Extended Rear-Facing Use with Advanced Side Impact Protection

    Extended Rear-Facing Use

    Fllo was designed to international best practices for extended rear-facing use.

    Steel Anti-Rebound Bar

    Fllo comes with a Steel Anti-Rebound Bar, which improves stability by limiting rotation of the child seat, helping protect your child’s head from impact in the event of a collision.

    Advanced Side-Impact Protection

    Fllo was designed to protect the child’s head in a side-impact collision through:

    Adjustable Headrest with Deep Side Wings: Energy-absorbing EPP foam-lined headrest connected to the frame using steel rods ensures maximum head protection in a side-impact collision.

    Energy-Absorbing Foam Layers: Foam layers on both the inside and outside of the frame protect your child by absorbing energy in a side-impact collision, resulting in less force transferred to your child.

    Metal Substructure: Steel substructure prevents twisting to keep child contained and protected in the child seat.

    NCAP Tested

    Fllo is crash tested to NCAP, which simulates forces experienced in extreme collisions.

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  • Clek 2016 Foonf

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    What’s the Foonf?

    The mother of all car seats

    Foonf is Clek’s no-compromise convertible child seat – introducing revolutionary safety technology and innovative convenience features. Designed for comfort and convenience + styled to match child’s individuality.

    Rigid-UAS Forward-Facing Installation

    Over 80% of child seats in North America are not used properly. Hands down the easiest Forward-Facing installation in its class, Foonf’s Rigid-UAS system makes proper Forward-Facing installation effortless.

    Vehicle-friendly Rear-Facing Design

    Base of child seat measures 13 inches wide for improved installation in difficult vehicle seating positions, like deep bucket seats and centre seating positions. Anti-rebound bar nests into flat part of vehicle seat back ensuring a snug installation with ease.

    Smooth Recline

    Foonf includes an easy-to-engage, smooth recline function, making each ride more comfortable.

    Narrow Width Profile

    Foonf boasts a narrow width — under 17 iches at its widest point and 13 inches at the base — making 3-across seating possible.

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  • Clek 2016 Oobr

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    Clek Oobr is a full back booster seat that is built just like the seat in your car but sized for a child. Its metal sub-structure, Rigid-UAS system and unique recline feature bring new “firsts” to booster seating.

    Oobr is tailored in GREENGUARD Select Certified Crypton Super Fabrics, which provide permanent protection against stains, moisture and odor-causing bacteria; and free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants (except for leathers).

    The First of its Class in Seating

    Clek’s full back booster seat built just like the seat in your car but sized for your child. Its metal sub-structure and unique recline feature bring new ‘firsts’ to booster seating. Oobr adapts to your growing child with its removable back feature converting it to a backless booster. Ta-Dah!

    Ahh!…Feels So Good…

    Adjustable Headrest

    Adjustable headrest for custom fit as your child grows and padded side bolsters allow for comfortable naps

    Reclining Seat Back

    Helps keep your child safe and comfortable when falling asleep in the car — Slide the seat forward using the Rigid-UAS and the free-pivoting seat back provides up to 12 degrees of recline for sleeping comfort (recline mode is NOT available if using the seat unlatched)

    Soft-touch Armrests

    Soft-touch armrests for added comfort

    Engineered for Comfort

    Engineered construction provides an additional layer of comfort

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    Car Seat expires 9 years from Date of Manufacturing

  • Clek Olli

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    Clek Olli is an award-winning LATCHing backless booster.  With its integrated rigid-UAS system, the Olli securely fastens to your vehicle’s lower anchors providing additional stability in a collision and a consistent belt fit every time. It says to the 6-12 year-old that it’s still cool to be safe in the car. The Olli is easily transportable from vehicle to vehicle and especially handy while traveling from airport to rental car or even the taxi with the convenience of strap-thingy.

    The drink-thingy detachable cup holder will come in handy on those long rides.

    Olli is tailored in GREENGUARD Select Certified Crypton Fabrics (except for leathers).

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  • Clek Ozzi

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    Ozzi is a Clek backless, belt-positioning booster seat designed and engineered to help keep your precious cargo safe. Ozzi provides comfortable, portable, secure seating for today’s family on the go.

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  • Clek Weelee Travel Bag

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    Introducing the great new Weelee bag by Clek! It’s a great way to take your Clek car seat anywhere with ease, with room for a couple extra items as well to keep prepared while on the go. You’ll love the durable fabric and easy carrying straps. Try out this bag today!